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Tinnicare/Tinnitus DX (60 Capsules)



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Please note that Vitasciences has renamed this product TinniFree. Otherwise, the product remains the same.

Tinnicare/Tinnitus DX

You may have learned about Tinnicare/Tinnitus DX from information you obtained in a publication, the internet, and/or advertisement.

Tinnicare/Tinnitus DX is a supplement and/or personal care product that is sold by Get Fast Shipping.

The Tinnicare/Tinnitus DX we are selling is the genuine and authentic product. Order here and receive Tinnicare/Tinnitus DX delivery in 2-3 business days!

Tinnicare/Tinnitus DX Directions: For the first 30-90 days, take two capsules twice daily. Thereafter, reduce dosage to 1 capsule twice daily. For best results use daily for 3-6 months.

Tinnicare/Tinnitus DX Ingredients:

tinnicare ingredients

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